Our services
Soleta Networks is an andalusian high-tech company based in Sevilla, Spain. We offer consultancy services in the following expertise areas:

Computer Networks: We design, architect and evaluate wired/wireless computer networks. From OSI layer 2 to 7. Including packet switching, routing, filtering, load balancing, traffic accounting, High availability, VPN and Quality of Service (QoS) aspects with specifically focus on the GNU/Linux operating system.

Network Security: We audit wired/wireless computer networks including routers, firewalls, IDS/IPS, proxies, switches, and backend servers in general.

Linux Software Development: We develop software for the GNU/Linux operating system with specifically focus on networking-related utilities. We implement software based on IETF/OSI/3GPP networking standards.

Network testing and benchmarking: Do you know the maximum load your network services can bear with? Our advanced utilities allows us to test and to benchmark your network services. Including routers, load balancers, firewalls and backend servers in general.

Training: We have solid experience in professional training in our expertise domains.